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RGB BAMBOO is a solid company that manages a structure of over 20,000 square meters at the exit of the MANTOVA NORTH toll booth of the A22.

Visiting our vast showroom is like entering the world of objects, accessories for florists, home, garden and much more.

Our history began in the 1930s with the founder, Ottavio Rosa, who collected and weaved marsh reeds to make shade mats to be marketed to farmers and nurserymen.

The sons Gianni and Bruno, continuing with the business, understood the importance of expanding the range of wicker and bamboo products, used to produce baskets and gardening objects.

With the arrival of Lauro and Nazareno, the third and fourth generations, the company invested heavily in the research of new materials, making it possible to create lines of accessories for decoration, packaging and window dressing.

The choices made over the years have proven to be correct, as the company is now a point of reference for the Italian and foreign market in the floriculture and home furnishings sector.

Frequent trips abroad and intense work give us the opportunity to offer a range with tens of thousands of products, ranging from ceramics to resins, from wicker to rattan, from glass to artificial flowers.

Another aspect that we love to delve into is that linked to packaging: a boundless assortment of fabrics and materials, to offer always new and trendy solutions.

We work to offer products and service to our customers. We take care of supporting you in the most convenient choices, taking care of the customizations you need.

This is who we are...

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